Renewal of Vows

With a degree in Social Science and 20 years experience working with families, couples and marriage enrichment, along with my own relationship and marriage experiences, I am all too familiar with the struggles, heartache and difficulties that expectations in relationships can cause when not fulfilled.

For many, sadly, the answer is separation or divorce. As a celebrant, one of my greatest joys is conducting a renewal of vows service. These services take courage on the part of the couple and are such an inspiration and encouragement to all who attend.

When you renew your vows you are making a bold public statement, not only to your partner but also to friends and family, that you are reaffirming your love and commitment in your relationship that began years before. This relationship may have traversed and overcome hardships and disappointments, and yet you are as determined and committed now as you were when you originally made promises to each other, to love and t cherish into the future.

Just like Olivia Newton John once sang in Grease…”I’m totally devoted to you!” and I want to tell the world.

Nothing would please me more than assisting you in such a special service. I have conducted many of these and they delight me the most.

Marriage Certificate signing

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