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Name giving ceremonies have a history almost as old as mankind itself. A son was not a true legal member of the family until the father had named the offspring in a ceremony. Thus a legal son could be, in our terms, adopted, born out of wedlock, born of the wife or born of another woman. Naming (or Name giving) was the rite which brought the child into the family.

Name giving ceremonies as celebrants do them however, are relatively new. Ever since some celebrants in the mid-seventies started to officiate at them, they have become increasingly popular as an alternative to a dedication in a church.  A name giving ceremony is not a christening or an infant dedication such as the bible records Jesus had, but instead it is a public recognition and statement by the family and friends that this child is precious and valuable and is welcome and treasured in this family.  This ceremony in no way inhibits the child from seeking the truth during his life and any future religious commitments of belief.

The baby name giving ceremony is a most appropriate and a fulfilling and meaningful experience. It is an occasion when a new birth is celebrated and a child welcomed into the world. Family relationships are deepened. The parents become more fully aware of their responsibilities. So, of course, do the godparents. The naming ceremony also has a community dimension, represented by the wider circle of family and friends.

The baby naming ceremony is an excellent occasion for cultural expression – joy, hope, acceptance – and is used to express our commitment, hopes, love and support for both the child and family.

In my services The parents, friends and family are encouraged to write a brief letter or poem that speaks to the child all that they mean to them, what they see in them and the hopes and dreams for their future.
Poetry, song, and blessings are all a part of the ceremony of the celebration of your child’s life.

I will guide you as together we create a service that has everything you expect in this special milestone in your family’s life.

An individually designed and printed certificate with your child’s photo will be presented to you on the day as a memento of the occasion.

Coffs Harbour Naming Service

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